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4x ETI LINK RCA connector

The new ETI-Research LINK RCA Connector is the updated version of the famous ETI-Research Bullet RCA Connector that started the Low Mass Star Grounding RCA Connector which has been copied by many. While retaining what made the Bullet the best, improvements have been made to make it even better. The Signal Pin (positive) is now made from 1100 series Harden Copper to offer greater conductivity than before.
The Return Pin (negative) is still made from Tellurium Copper to maintain long term durability as unlike the copies it is a very low mass hollow design for optimum sound quality. The Shell is now made from Aluminium to help protect the connection from being exposed to EMI/RF noise that is so prevalent nowadays because of all the digital processors and switching power supplies.
The Shell also has twin cable strain relief screws to maintain a secure fit to your audio cable and to take the strain away from the solder connection.

EUR 89.00
VAT incl.free shipping
  • the evolution of the legendary „BulletPlug"
  • hollow and small contacts reduce capacitance
  • pure copper / copper tellurium contacts
  • direct high quality gold plating
  • aluminium housing for EMV/RF noise reduction
  • twin cable strain relief screws

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