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4x ETI Kryo spade

The ETI Kryo cable boot is the alternative to the ETI Kryo Banana plug for the best possible cable connection from the amplifier to the loudspeaker - even for very high currents. The cable shoe is worked directly from a piece of tellurium copper and then directly silvered for best conductivity and longevity. The cryo-cold treatment with an optimized temperature curve provides a further clear sound improvement. The loudspeaker cable is connected and secured with two screws electrically and mechanically. Included are two brass sleeves of different sizes - each suitable for the loudspeaker cables used. The combination of the best contact material and cryo treatment lead to a perfect cable connection of the highest sound quality.

EUR 199.00
VAT incl.free shipping
  • made from one solid piece of tellurium copper
  • direct high quality silver plating
  • optimised cryogenically treatment in USA
  • twin wire screws for wire contact/fixing
  • with 2 brass housings, to match cable diameter

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