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Dear music lover,
welcome to eu.reson.audio with an overview of the plugs and cables of the reson range. Here you will find high-end cables and connectors for high-quality music reproduction. The reson single solid core cables have been providing music lovers with the very best sound for little money for more than 3 decades. In their original form, developed in collaboration with DNM in the mid-1980s, they have persistently survived all the modest flows and excesses of the cable scene. Single solid core (single solid core) with small cross-sections as flat cable with a constant large conductor spacing are the ideal: the real two-wire cable. Since the appearance of the ideal cinch plug Eichmann BulletPlug 2002, this can be maintained even in the plug-in connection, which has led to an enormous increase in the sound quality of audio cables. The ETI connector contains the smallest possible metal parts with the highest conductivity and high point contact pressure in the signal path. Get to know the new reworked and sonically improved ETI LINK and Kryo series. Have fun discovering your new sound highlights at your retailer or at your home.


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